Professional Development

We will be adding professional development opportunities that are relevant and of interest to our members as they become available.  This will allow you to kept up to date with new and 'best practice' in the field of Maternal Child and Family Health Nursing.

If you are aware of any professional development opportunities that we have missed or will be of interest and assist us to broaden our awareness, be of interest to our members, please contact us with the relevant information.

ASCIA 2019 Conference

30th Annual Conference

of the

Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA)

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Western Australia

4-6 September 2019

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Nicotine Addicition

Broken Sleep: Insights in biology, culture & parenting in today's world

This conference will explore issues relevant to any professional health worker or volunteer working with new families in the first years of their baby's life. Topics include practical strategies for supporting parents with infant sleep and breastfeeding including effective communication with parents around infant sleep, factors influencing family sleep arrangements; and sleep patterns in breast and formula fed babies as well as reviewing the research around the biology of infant sleep in the context of modern culture.

24th-26th October2019